Somerville Backflow - Testing Fee
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Testing Fee  

- Starting 1 Jun 2017 test costs $40 for Residential and most Commercial within San Antonio metro area.

Starting in 2018,Returning customers, who were first time customers after 1 June 2017 will pay $35 for their test.
- Irrigators/plumbers  cost is $50 within the city of San Antonio


Austin - $75
San Marcos - $60
New Braunsfles -$45 (+ 9.95 fee to file)
Spring Branch - $45
Cibolo - $30 (+ 9.95 fee to file)
Selma - $35 ( + 15.00 fee to file)

We also submit the test for you to SAWS, or your local water dept (SEE SERVICE AREAS for more info).

The test only takes about 5-10 mins to complete plus some paperwork 
for water dept. submission. And with the state/city requiring annual testing, this keeps homeowner costs down long-term.

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