Somerville Backflow - Testing Fee
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Testing Fee  

- Starting 1 Jun 2017 test costs $40 for Residential and most Commercial.
Starting in 2018,Returning customers, who were first time customers after 1 June 2017 will pay $35 for their test.
- Irrigators/plumbers  cost is $50 within the city of San Antonio

We also submit the test for you to SAWS, or your local water dept (SEE SERVICE AREAS for more info).

The test only takes about 5-10 mins to complete plus some paperwork 
for water dept. submission. And with the state/city requiring annual testing, this keeps homeowner costs down long-term.

Cibolo Residents: The City of Cibolo has contracted with Aqua Tech to collect all test forms. They will also enforce testing and compliance. They charge a $9.95 filing fee, to submit the test to them thru Track My Backflow. The Fee we charge you to come out and perform the test ,$39.95, includes this filing fee. We have given Cibolo the returning customer discount, and should The City of Cibolo ever cancel their contract with Aqua Tech, your price will drop to the $30 rate. If you have any questions regarding this, please give us a call at 210.255.8832
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